I first fell in love with photography in 2013, when I spent a year living and traveling solo throughout Southeast Asia. Travel and street photography taught me the art of observation; of seeking, searching for, and capturing that serendipitous moment, of practicing the patience and perseverance it takes to get “the shot”. The lessons I learned on the street carried over to my wedding work. I still cry every time couples see each other for the first time, or when father and daughter share their first dance. My photography is an act of love, and I can’t think of a better occasion to perform this service than at a wedding, where I have the privilege of bearing witness to one of the most profound expressions of love.

Eagerly anticipating your meaningful moments and transcribing them into vivid, true-to-life images forever captured in time.

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Victoria will still be your main point of contact in the booking process, taking care of everything from planning to editing (we want you to have our signature style!)  Stephanie will be the photographer for your engagement and wedding photos! Think she'd be a great fit? Inquire on our contact page and mention that you'd LOVE to work with Stephanie! You will be totally covered with us as a team! 

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