my philosophy

You fell in love with the small things. You fell in love with the way she smiles at the ground when you compliment her, or how at home you feel in his arms. Those small daily gestures that scream 'I love you' like when she does something for you without even asking her to or when he runs his fingers through your hair while you're both hanging out on the couch on a lazy Sunday. You fell big for the small things, that's what I'm here to capture. I want to save those little moments for you so when you look back at your photos, you fall in love all over again, not to fit you into a "perfect picture". Your love makes the picture perfect.

starting at $3599

- full day coverage 
- engagement session available
- travel expenses included
- a downloadable slideshow available  
- high-res photos in an online gallery
- print release
- free downloads for friends and family
- 2-4 week turnaround for elopements
- 4-6 week turnaround for destination weddings
- 10 edited images the day after your wedding that are social media ready!

Elopement / destination 

Starting at $2999

- hourly coverage from 8-10 hours
- customized timeline advise
- planning guide
- engagement session available
- photo booth available
- second photographer available
- high-res photos in an online gallery
- print release
- free downloads for friends and family
- 4-6 week turnaround
- 10 edited images the day after your wedding that are social media ready!

Wedding Packages

 starting at $450

- proposal documentation available
- personalized location scouting
- high-res photos in an online gallery
- print release
- free downloads for friends and family
- average of 2 hour session
- prints available

Couples / engagement 

your investment.........

I know talking money can be awkward and stressful but if I haven't drilled it into your brain already, I'M HERE FOR YOU!! A wedding, and life in general, is expensive. I get it!! All I ask of you is honesty and openness to discuss your concerns with me and respect for my practice. I pour my heart and soul into my business and into my photography. This isn't just a hobby for me. So if you are genuinely interested in having me as your photographer, and not just price shopping, then I am more than happy to try and work something out with you!

Your investment in me is going to last you a lifetime of memories; this is the start of your marriage and I want you to be able to look back and relive the moment it all began!!

your investment................................. offerings

Photo Album

Photo booth

small prints


50 page, 11x8.5" hard cover, personalized photo album. I will curate your album with your beautiful hand chosen wedding photos along with any writings you'd like included. This is the best way to immortalize your day start to finish.

Your guests will love being able to goof off in front of the photo booth during cocktail hour. It's also the best way to make sure everyone was photographed on your day!! They will get the images instantly to their phones and you will receive a copy all the images taken with the booth!!

10 5x7" lab color corrected matte prints. This is the best print size for coffee table or nightstand  frames to lovingly admire throughout the day. These also make great presents for loved ones!

A beautifully curated slideshow to your wedding song. The best way to emulate your day and first dance and share the day with family and friends online! (Please click the volume bars on the video to experience the whole emotion of the video).

Your photos are the one thing you'll be able to keep from your wedding day that allow you to relive all the memories you made. But your wedding photos aren't just for you and they're not meant to just be shared on social media like any other night out. They're for your proud parents who dreamed of walking you down the aisle and helping you get your dress on. They're for your proud family and friends who want to celebrate with you and remember the day just as you do! Give back to your family and friends by adding a photo booth for them to enjoy or an heirloom album for them to keep. Although this is YOUR day, it's a very important day for everyone. offerings

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I got you


You are always welcome to add any of the add-ons to a pre-made package. Keep in mind my packages offer the lowest prices for the most amount of time and product included. If you're looking to customize a package a la carte you are more than welcome to do so. All a la carte items will be listed on the package proposal I send after you inquire! 

can i customize my package?
Do you offer discounts?
How many images do you deliver?
do you have travel fees?

First things first. If you've hired me for your destination wedding or adventure elopement (whoop whoop!!), I am NOT on vacation. I am there with full focus on you and your day! That being said, yes, you'll receive a breakdown of the travel fees within your invoice. It will include the plane ticket, two nights' accommodations (night before and night after), and possibly a rental car, depending on your venue location. Your girl needs to rest after being on her feet all day!!

If your wedding is within driving distance but over 30 miles from me, there is a $1/mile ONE WAY fee.

I have NO limit on the amount of photos I deliver. On average, if I am shooting an 8 hour wedding with no second photographer, I deliver a minimum of 600. With a second photographer I can get anywhere between 600 to 1200! I like to over deliver on the images so you guys have the say in which images you love them most and the right to share and print YOUR favorites, not just mine!

The only year round discounts I offer are those to couples who are military personnel or first responders for a $200 discount and to teachers for a $100 discount off all the original prices of my packages. This means any add-ons are not included in the discount. This is a small token of my appreciation and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your service.

Any and all other discounts are advertised at random. I don't offer discounts often so take full advantage if you see I am running a promotion! You can find these promotions on my Instagram and Facebook pages! So go click that follow button and stick around to save some moolah!!