Passion will keep you in business. This industry is constantly evolving and if you dont have the heart behind your business to continuously learn the new trends and techniques then you won't go far. People buy passion.

Investing in yourself is believing in your business, believing in what you have to offer is valuable to others. Investing in yourself is understanding that asking for help allows you to grow and better yourself and your craft. Investing in yourself gives people a reason to invest in YOU. 

people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

my philosophy

business and photography education

I know we're all entrepreneurs and we find pride in doing everything on our own. The problem is that as creative entrepreneurs, there are a lot of gaps in the education we've received, whether it be formal or self taught. 

I would have never been close to where I am now without understanding my pain-points in my business and where I can get help fulfilling them. I'm kind of an education junkie... I learned though trial and error starting and running my own business, college professors, workshops, online resources, and very my own mentors.

The most important thing I have learned is that even with all the tools handed to you, nothing will work if you don't have passion. Passion is the number one thing that will keep you in business. If you have that, I can help out with the rest!! 

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3 hours of a personalized session in person or online, covering 3-4 topics with a constructive critique of your work
FREE Posing guide
FREE Email templates

3 hour


1 hour mentor session, in person or online, covering 1 topic or a "pick my brain" session

1 hour

your investment.........

your investment.................................

Lighroom Basics
Camera settings
Generating leads and Marketing 
Brand positioning
Posing and capturing candid images
Improving your Website & copy
Client consultations and workflow
creating value

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